Monday, March 23, 2015

2016 GOP Primary Madness, Sweet Sixteen Results

The Sweet Sixteen of our 2016 GOP Primary Madness has come to a close, and here are the results (with links for more details on the voting):

Division 'A'

Division 'B'

Division 'C'

Division 'D'

The closest race was also the biggest upset: 3-seed Paul Ryan (49%) falling to 7-seed Jan Brewer (51%). Brewer previously defeated a 2-seed (Chris Christie). Rand Paul had the highest percentage (81%).

Voting increased exponentially in this round; pro-Sarah Palin and pro-Rand Paul sites got involved, resulting in 800-1,100 votes being cast this round. Click on the above links for state-by-state breakdowns of the voting.

I plan to have voting in the 'Elite Eight' start sometime this evening.

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  1. I am impressed that your poll is drawing interest from across the nation! It also shows strong support for lots of "new" faces in the GOP. Good job Jamison!


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