Thursday, March 19, 2015

2016 GOP Primary Madness: Sweet Sixteen

Let the 'Sweet Sixteen' begin! The polls will be open until Monday, March 23th. If there are any problems with the voting, please leave a comment, or email me at

Division 'A', Sweet Sixteen

Division 'B', Sweet Sixteen

Division 'C', Sweet Sixteen

Division 'D', Sweet Sixteen

UPDATE: See the results here.
UPDATE 2: Vote in the Elite Eight here!


  1. Voting NONE OF THE ABOVE on Kasich and Jeb Bush. BOTH of them are Common Core cheerleaders and we don't want either of them anywhere near our kids!
    It should be the undoing of Huckabee too. How far he has fallen since his 'retraction' then "no, Rebrand Common Core" and full speed ahead.

  2. Walker is a liberal in disguise. He's nothing but a pandering flip-flopping RINO. He supported citizenship for illegals before he was against it. He’s a seemingly reluctant fighter on abortion. His soft opposition to Common Core. He issued an emergency order bypassing the legislature in order to implement ObamaCare, only to rescind it after pressure from conservative activists. His administration has denied the right to conceal carry in state buildings in contradiction with state law. He attacked Cruz and Lee for trying to stop Obamacare. He was against the renewable fuel standard before he was for it (in front of an Iowa audience). He has the same flip-flooping, foot-in-mouth disease Romney had, which will destroy him on the national level.

  3. Rick Santorum is the only one in this race who understands our enemy: ISIS, and is ready and willing to act in order to stop them. He understood the threat long before anyone else did. He is against Common Core. He is in favor of bringing back manufacturing. He is against Obamacare, and predicted that it would increase health care costs and decrease access. He believes in the free market for healthcare, and being able to cross state lines. He is the only candidate who marched in the March for Life. He has an incredible understanding of the value and dignity of human life from the moment of conception until natural death. Finally, he will put an end to all of the discrimination against Christians for their religious beliefs, and he will uphold the Constitution and the law of the land. He firmly believes in the sanctity of marriage, and that no one should be put out of business and fined for holding firm to his/her beliefs.

  4. Rand Paul is the only one with a chance to win. I guarantee all others will lose because none of the youth will vote for Cruz or Walker. If Rand gets the full backing of old school conservatives, he will pull enough independents, moderates, non-voters and youth to become president


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