Monday, March 23, 2015

2016 GOP Primary Madness, Elite Eight

Let the 'Elite Eight' begin! The polls will be open until Friday, March 27th. If there are any problems with the voting, please leave a comment, or email me at

Click on "See Detailed Results" underneath each poll for a map of the voting by state.

Division 'A', Elite Eight

Division 'B', Elite Eight

Division 'C', Elite Eight

Division 'D', Elite Eight

Update: View the results here.


David Van Risseghem said...

Wow! How did Jan Brewer ever get this far? And even John Kasich?
But big props to Jamison Faught and his Muskogee Politico Bracketology!

David Green said...

Jan Brewer did what a lot of Americans wanted to do. She shook her finger in Obama's face and stood up for her state. As for Kasich, do your research to find why he's popular.

Anonymous said...

Paulbots please vote. The folks at C4P are issuing instructions on how to game the poll by voting multiple times.

aherosdaughter said...


Anonymous said...

As if the Rand Paul followers don't do the same thing? I used to be a Ron Paul supporter. They used to send out text messages, emails, Facebook posts, Tweets for all online polls. How do you think we learned about online polls. They don't mean anything. They're just for fun.

Palin supporter

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else surprised that the Carson folks haven't showed up?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Paul has no chance, what are these first term senators thinking?

Matthew Centola said...

I Stand With Palin. Palin 2016.