Friday, June 06, 2014

Shannon reworks Lankford commercial into ad criticizing Lankford's voting record

Following James Lankford's new campaign commercial, T.W. Shannon took the footage from the Lankford ad and reworked it into an ad criticizing Lankford's debt ceiling votes.

Lawton, Oklahoma (June 6, 2014) – T.W. Shannon commented today on the launch of his latest campaign ad:

“As I travel the state meeting voters, one of the main questions I am asked is, ‘what’s the difference between you and your opponent?’ To answer that, I’m releasing a new ad today that highlights a major difference between my opponent and me. As Speaker of the House here in Oklahoma, I vowed that our state would not go down the path of Washington, D.C. Instead, we reduced our debt and kept spending in line. There are real differences between Congressman Lankford and myself when it comes to our record on debt and spending.”

“My campaign is focused on issues, not negative attacks. The national debt is one of the most important issues facing our country, and we need to engage in a positive, truthful discussion of that issue by examining the record.”

Watch the ad here:


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