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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My Primary Election Predictions

With the polls closing in a few minutes, here are my predictions/guesses on how the voting will shake out.

U.S. Senate (unexpired term): Lankford 51%, Shannon 39%, Brogdon 6%, all others 4% (in this order: Crow, Weger, McCray, Craig) -- NO RUNOFF
U.S. Senate (full term): Inhofe over 75%
Governor: Fallin 65%, Ewbank 20%, Moody 15%
State Superintendent: Hofmeister 49%, Barresi 36%, Kelly 15% -- RUNOFF
Insurance Commissioner: Doak 78%, Viner 22%
Corporation Commissioner: Hiett 54%, Branan 46%

U.S. House (District 2): Mullin 63%, Robertson 37%
U.S. House (District 3): Lucas 62%, Hubbard 30%, Murray 8%
U.S. House (District 4): Cole 69%, Flatt 31%
U.S. House (District 5): Russell 25%, Douglas 22%, Turner 18%, Jolley 17%, Sparks 10%, Jett 8% -- RUNOFF

U.S. Senate (unexpired term): Jim Rogers wins, but it goes to a runoff with Connie Johnson.
State Superintendent: Freda Deskin wins, but goes to runoff with John Cox.
U.S. House (District 5): Guild wins, goes to runoff with McAffrey.