Saturday, November 02, 2013

2014 Statewide Election Preview: 3Q Finance Reports

As the 2014 elections approach, five incumbent statewide elected officials have yet to draw an opponent, while three have challengers who are filing campaign finance reports. Whether there is a contested race yet or not, the 3rd Quarter ethics reports show an interesting preview of the upcoming electoral contests.

Filing for statewide office in 2014 will be on April 9th to April 11th, with the Primary being held on June 24th. Runoff elections (if necessary) will be on August 26th, and the General election is on November 4th.

Candidates will be listed in order of most cash-on-hand. Incumbents are in bold.


Scott Pruitt (R)
3Q raised: $86,252.82  -  3Q spent: $27,962.83  -  Cash-on-hand: $123,138.70


Gary Jones (R)
3Q raised: $250  -  3Q spent: $0  -  Cash-on-hand: $6,588.33


Mary Fallin (R)
3Q raised: $368,243.12  -  3Q spent: $108,227.86  -  Cash-on-hand: $1,218,401.35


John Doak (R)
3Q raised: $51,275  -  3Q spent: $20,955.44  -  Cash-on-hand: $294,475.14


Mark Costello (R)
3Q raised: $202,000  -  3Q spent: $0  -  Cash-on-hand: $202,000
Michael Workman (D)
3Q raised: $500  -  3Q spent: $1,188.05  -  Cash-on-hand: $40.95


Todd Lamb (R)
3Q raised: $382,488.59  -  3Q spent: $9,788.44  -  Cash-on-hand: $414,664.63
Cathy Cummings (D)
3Q raised: $1,750  -  3Q spent: $676.80  -  Cash-on-hand: $1,533.20


Joy Hofmeister (R)
3Q raised: $83,136  -  3Q spent: $27,221.75  -  Cash-on-hand: $200,086.61
Janet Barresi (R)
3Q raised: $48,850  -  3Q spent: $41,466.44  -  Cash-on-hand: $149,130.07
John Cox (D)
3Q raised: $69,280.70  -  3Q spent: $10,162.57  -  Cash-on-hand: $58,186
Donna Anderson (D)
3Q raised: $11,877.64  -  3Q spent: $13,845.52  -  Cash-on-hand: $4,395.38
Jack Herron (D)
3Q raised: $3,950  -  3Q spent: $224.80  -  Cash-on-hand: $3,725.20
Freda Deskin (D)
{filed after 3Q deadline}
Ivan Holmes (D)
{filed after 3Q deadline}


Ken Miller (R)
3Q raised: $51,000  -  3Q spent: $672.29  -  Cash-on-hand: $116,186.19

Interesting notes:

  • Big money: Governor Fallin officially tops the million-dollar mark in cash-on-hand, with seven months left before candidate filing. Talk about formidable.
  • Most: Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb raised the most this quarter ($382,000), edging out Fallin by $14,000.
  • Loans: Labor Commissioner Costello ($202,000); John Cox ($50,162.57); Donna Anderson ($1,000)
  • Hot race: The big race of 2014 will be the State Superintendent seat. Two Republicans and five Democrats have campaign accounts right now, and that number will probably go higher.
  • Low spenders: Auditor Gary Jones and Labor Commissioner Costello both spent no money in the third quarter, and Treasurer Ken Miller spent less than $700. 
  • Slow start: Jones raised $250, and Costello raised nothing (outside of his $202k loan).


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