Friday, April 24, 2009

George Faught on Embryonic Stem Cell Research Ban Veto

The following is an email message sent from State Rep. George Faught (R, Muskogee) earlier this afternoon.

Dear Friends,

House Bill 1326 prohibits research done on human embryos. This measure would prevent the destruction of embryos for the purpose of harvesting their stem cells. While this legislation passed both the House and the Senate with strong bi-partisan support, it was vetoed by Governor Brad Henry, at the encouragement of medical professionals and state and city chambers - Yes, medical research is good for business in Oklahoma , even if it means killing human embryos!

This issue has become an emotionally charged firestorm with celebrities and medical professionals promising "cures" for devastating diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Parkinson's and the like. The truth of the matter is that ADULT stem cells have benefited patients suffering from more than 70 different disorders. By contrast, EMBRYONIC stem cells have NEVER benefited a SINGLE human patient - not ONE!

In fact, the ultimate objective of this unethical medical research is CLONING. Scientist need millions of embryos on which to perform their research and the number of aborted fetuses (while hundreds of thousands too many each year) cannot meet the demand. By dividing these embryonic stem cells, countless new exact embryos could be "created" for the sole purpose of "research".

Oklahoma need not go down that unethical path. Adult stem cells, which are perfectly ethical, are where all the scientific successes have been. The enactment of HB1326 will make Oklahoma the sixth state that prohibits embryonic stem cell research as well as so-called "therapeutic" cloning.

Here is how we need each of you to get involved:

1. Phone this list of Senators and urge them to vote YES on the next attempt at the veto override. This should come about sometime next week. It is very important to mention that CLONING is morally unethical and that EMBRYONIC stem cell research has produced ZERO results in human patients.

2. E-mail these Senators and request they stand for the preservation of human life and against the destruction of unborn babies for the purpose of scientific or medical research.

3. Pass this memo and list of contact information on to your church family, friends and neighbors, co-workers and email lists. We need to put a lot of pressure on those legislators who are riding the fence on this issue. Many of these Senators claim to be "Pro-Life" - now is the time to prove it!

(Senators who voted NO on the override attempt – all but Sen. Kenneth Corn voted FOR the original bill!)

Sen. Patrick Anderson (R-Enid) (405) 521-5630
Sen. Randy Bass (D-Lawton) (405) 521-5567
Sen. Sean Burrage (D-Claremore) (405) 521-5555
Sen. Harry Coates (R-Seminole) (405) 521-5547
Sen. Kenneth Corn (D-Howe) (405) 521-5576
Sen. Mary Easley (D-Tulsa) (405) 521-5590
Sen. Earl Garrison (D-Muskogee) (405) 521-5533
Sen. Charlie Laster (D-Shawnee) (405) 521-5539
Sen. Debbe Leftwich (D-OKC) (405) 521-5557
Sen. Charles Wyrick (D-Fairland) (405) 521-5561

(Senators who voted YES to override the veto, but will be under extreme pressure to change their vote.)

Contact these Senators to thank them for their courageous vote to override the veto and encourage them to hold fast to their protection of human life.

Sen. Jerry Ellis (D-Valliant) (405) 521-5614
Sen. Jay Paul Gumm (D-Durant) (405) 521-5586
Sen. Tom Ivester (D-Sayre) (405) 521-5545
Sen. Susan Paddack (D-Ada) (405) 521-5541

George Faught
State Representative District 14
State Capitol 301A
2300 N. Lincoln Blvd.
Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4885

If you would like to join Rep. Faught's email list, contact his office at, or use the phone numbers listed above.


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