Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Brogdon Announces Massive Tax Rebate Plan

Brogdon Announces $2.6 Billion Tax Rebate Plan for Oklahomans

Tulsa, OK, ­- April 08, 2009 – Senator Randy Brogdon today announced his plan to introduce legislation that would provide up to $2.6 billion in tax rebates to the people of Oklahoma.

“Governor Henry has chosen to listen to President Obama and the Washington insiders on how Oklahoman’s tax dollars should be spent,” said Brogdon. “I choose to let the people of Oklahoma decide for themselves how to spend their money.”

“The plan is simple,” continued Brogdon. “For every dollar of President Obama’s stimulus program that Governor Henry decides to spend, I will introduce legislation that rebates the same amount back to the people of Oklahoma.”

Brogdon then went on to describe his plan if executed to the full $2.6 billion. “We would first start by issuing a sales tax rebate of $400 per person. For example, a family of five would receive a $2000 tax rebate. And then we would rebate up to $1 billion of what Oklahomans paid last year in income taxes,” said Brogdon. “That could amount to an income tax rebate of anywhere up to 40% for the average Oklahoman.

“This ensures that all Oklahomans get back their tax dollars with ‘No Strings Attached’,” said Brogdon. “Only then can we truly ‘stimulate’ Oklahoma’s economy back into prosperity.”

Randy Brogdon is the State Senator for District 34 which covers Northeastern Tulsa County and portions of Rogers County. He and his wife of 37 years, Donna, currently reside in Owasso, OK. For more information about Randy Brogdon, please visit

Press Contact:
David Tackett


  1. We certainly need Senator Brogdon to become Governor Brogdon. I sure hope he can beat Gary Jones' girl, Bailout Mary, in the primary. I really don't want to vote for a Democrat, but I'd rather have an up front Democrat than a Democrat in sheep's clothing; and that's what we'd have in Bailout Mary.

  2. What Tulsa Public School did Randy Brogdon go to?



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