Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Early Ethics Returns: Brogdon Raises $22K

The first quarter ethics reports are starting to roll on in, and there are some interesting tidbits out there.

For instance, Attorney General Drew Edmondson has $231,000 cash on hand in his gubernatorial candidate account, through the end of 2008. Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins
hasn't submitted her first quarter '09 report yet, and neither has Edmondson.

On the GOP side, Mary Fallin's report is not in yet, but Randy Brogdon's 'Exploratory Committee' report is.

From March 17th through March 31st, Brogdon raised $22,700, with expenses of $325 and carry-over from his State Senate account of $7,383.71. Brogdon hopes to raise $100,000 by some point in April. One of the interesting contributions to Brogdon is a $5,000 (maximum) donation fron Lloyd Noble II.

The deadline for campaigns to report is the end of April.


Randy Brogdon has announced a one-day fundraising drive for April 15th (tomorrow), attempting to raise "$15K on the 15th". You will be able to track the progress on RandyBrogdon.com starting at midnight tonight.


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