Saturday, April 22, 2023

SoonerPolitics compiles map of accredited and non-accredited private schools to illustrate school choice options

David Van Risseghem over at has put together some helpful maps and information that puts some perspective and context to the school choice debate raging in the state capitol right now. 

Parent's Guide to Private Schools: The Current Private Schools

(4/20/2023) With the Oklahoma legislature preparing the final text of a school choice funding formula, SoonerPolitics undertook the task of compiling a couple of interactive maps, indicating the established private schools across the state. Some of these institutions are accredited by the Oklahoma Private School Accreditation Commission (OPSAC), but several dozens are decidedly not accredited, even though some are over 125 years old.

Current legislation provides families an advance tax credit between $5000 to $7500 per year for OPSAC accredited schools. If a family chooses a non-accredited education by 'other means' to educate their child, the tax credit drops severely. Perhaps just half the tax credit, and only after providing actual receipts. The current senate bill could drop the credit to a few hundred dollars, because of a household cap on credits.

Van Risseghem also compiled two very helpful maps, which I'm embedding below.

Accredited private schools:

Non-accredited private schools:

Click here to read the full article.


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