Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Sen. Dahm files legislation to keep Oklahoma on ‘Central Daylight Time’ year-round

Sen. Dahm files legislation to keep Oklahoma on ‘Central Daylight Time’ year-round

OKLAHOMA CITY – As Oklahomans are still adjusting to the annual November time change, Sen. Nathan Dahm, R-Broken Arrow, has filed legislation to keep Daylight Saving Time in place year-round.

Senate Bill 1103 would create Central Daylight Time (CDT) in Oklahoma, ending the practice of turning clocks back an hour in November and then setting them forward an hour in March.  Some 18 other states have already passed measures to make Daylight Saving Time permanent, pending approval of federal legislation allowing the change.

“A host of experts and research shows these arbitrary time changes throw off people’s body clocks, disrupting sleep and increasing the risk of health problems including heart attacks, depression and fatigue,” Dahm said.  “It increases the risk of car accidents, and some studies even point to higher crime rates when its dark earlier.  It’s time to end this four month disruption and keep that extra hour of daylight all year long.”

SB 1103 will be considered when the 2022 Legislature convenes in February.


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