Thursday, November 18, 2021

Kish: is a Socialist running for Mayor of Norman?

The following press release comes from Nicole Kish, candidate for mayor in the city of Norman:

Is a “Socialist” Running for Mayor of Norman?
SHOCKING ARTICLE UNEARTHED: Prior News report — as well as propaganda hanging on his walls, bookshelves & his own Social Media — tell us who Bob Thompson really is.

Norman — An OU Daily article two-and-a-half years ago instructs us on who Bob Thompson really is, and more importantly, what his plans would be if elected Mayor of Norman.

Despite carving himself out as a centrist tired of divisive politics on both his own website and to “OU Nightly,” and suggesting to The Norman Transcript “the need for non-partisan deliberation,” Midway Bob in his own words previously claimed to be among the most liberal of liberals.

In a 2019 OU Daily article, in his own words Thompson boasted that he owns “the most liberal spot in the most liberal town in the most liberal county in Oklahoma, and we’re like ground zero,” Thompson said happily.

But the biggest surprise? He’s a huge fan of Socialism.

Even we had to look twice, to make sure we were reading it correctly.

He talked at length, glowingly, about Socialism.

According to the OU Daily article, dated March 24, 2019, hanging in Thompson’s deli is “a framed picture of this political activist Eugene V. Debs on the wall” — whom Thompson claimed is his favorite author.

Thompson boasted of having at least 30 works of his favorite author — a known Socialist activist, founder of the Socialist Party of America and a Socialist Party candidate for President. After serving time in prison, the author became radicalized to Marxism and vowed a war on Capitalism. The Socialist author and activist was also a member of the Industrial Workers of the World, a Socialist group which Brittanica calls “radical,” even by Socialist standards.

“I've read all the books about (Debs') speeches,” Thompson said in the OU Daily article. “I probably have 30 volumes at home,” Thompson said. “People think that socialism is all… that it's all about people not working. I was always a worker and I got to be an owner, but I didn't have any desire to be that kind of person that got where he was going by making other people do his work. To me, socialism is a very work-ethic oriented deal.”

While Thompson appears to be more of the “workers unite!” brand of Socialism, he does in fact appear to be a Socialist.

In addition to boasting about his tomes on Socialism, he has posted multiple photos on Social Media promoting Socialist materials including a copy of Eugene V. Debs’ book on Socialism, which Thompson said is his “Morning Devotional.” While some laughed at the photo, Thompson did not appear to be joking.

Additionally, photos of Bob’s Midway Cafe prominently show at least one famous Socialist propaganda poster, that of Che Guevara, a Marxist revolutionary credited with killing people.


Confusion abounds about who Bob Thompson really is, and what he believes.

Perhaps the media could clear it up by asking Thompson is he a Socialist: Yes or No?

“It is shocking to learn that someone running for office is an admitted Socialist, a fan of Marxism and Socialism, yet voters are being told something quite different,” said Dr. Nicole Kish, an ACTUAL Conservative candidate for Mayor. “I don’t know if this is some kind of joke or something, but voters have the right to know if Mr. Thompson is a Socialist, and whether he would enact Socialist, anti-Capitalist policies right here in Norman.”


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