Monday, July 27, 2020

Unite Norman releases videos highlighting mayor, city council members in their own radical words

WORDS: New Series of Viral Videos Highlights Mayor, City Council Members in Their Own Radical Words
  • Norman “Nuggets of Knowledge” Video Series Will Show Mayor and City Council Members Out of Touch with Norman, as Vulgar and Profane-Laced Statements Show Some Don’t Possess Temperament to Hold Public Office
  • Council member Kate Bierman says she is no longer a fan of America’s birthday, the Fourth of July, and “I don’t give a s*** what you think about me!”
  • Council Member Stephen Holman Suggested He’d Like to Turn Norman into a Sanctuary City

Norman – Unite Norman is launching a series of viral videos that show the mayor and the city council members — in their own words — are too radical for Norman.

In some cases vulgar, profanity-laced tirades also show that some members are unfit for public office.

In her own words, council member Kate Bierman states that she’s no longer a fan of the Fourth of July — a position held by far-left-wing radicals such as anarchists in places like Seattle’s CHOP/CHAZ zone; Portland, Oregon; and Washington, D.C. Source: “4 Grown-A** Women of the Apocalypse” podcast, 7/11/20

In case you were wondering, Bierman doesn’t care what you think of her, “I don’t give a s*** what you think about me!” Source:  “4 Grown-A** Women of the Apocalypse” podcast, 5/11/20

Council member Stephen Holman suggested that it’s not Norman Police Department’s job to check immigration status, thereby turning Norman into a de facto “Sanctuary City.” Source: City Council Meeting, 2/4/20

And, as we pointed out late last week, Mayor Clark is not to be outdone in the department of radical ideas as she pushes for allowing 16-year-olds to vote in municipal elections — an issue only supported by the most radical cities in the United States including Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. Source: City Council Meeting, 6/16/20

“In their own words, the mayor and the city council members are showing that their ideas and policies are far outside the mainstream of Norman,” said Russell Smith, co-founder of Unite Norman. “This is the result of seven percent voter turnout in the last election. We must do better in the next.”

More videos are on the way. They will appear on Facebook and may appear on other Social Media platforms.


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