Monday, July 20, 2020

Unite Norman condemns anti-police group for posting home addresses of Norman police

Unite Norman Condemns Actions of Norman Facebook Page Targeting Police Officers, Doxxing Officers’ Home Addresses
Grassroots Organizers Say the Practice is Uncivil, Dangerous, Many officers’ wives, small children at home while Officers are working shifts

Norman — Unite Norman — the grassroots group behind the effort to recall the mayor and city council for defunding the police and not upholding the will of the people — condemned today a Norman group’s Facebook page for doxxing — releasing — the personal home addresses of Norman Police Department officers.

The Facebook page, “Norman Police Accountability Project,” has been releasing one-by-one the personal details, names, and street addresses of officers, drawing concern from officers and their families who are now targeted.

“We condemn this in the strongest of terms,” said Russell Smith, co-founder of Unite Norman. “This is an extremely dangerous practice which could end up injuring innocent women and children who are home alone when our hardworking Norman Police Department officers are out working to protect all residents of Norman.”

“We call upon Facebook to remove this page immediately,” said Unite Norman co-chair Sassan Moghadam. “These actions of releasing personal home addresses can lead to dangerous circumstances, and even deadly circumstances. It must be taken down immediately.”


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