Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jolly endorses Hern for Congress


Tulsa, OK – President Trump's former National Field Director, Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Jolly (Ret.) has endorsed Kevin Hern for Oklahoma’s 1st Congressional Seat being vacated by Representative Jim Bridenstine after he was nominated by President Trump to head NASA.

“As a veteran, small business advocate and policy activist, I am proud to support Kevin Hern for his bid to go to Congress. Washington needs experienced swamp drainers so we can get a real budget passed, rebuild our military and cut government waste. Kevin's strong business background and determined work ethic are qualities we need more of in Congress. We need more businessmen who have actually dealt with the strangling effects of big government to help us drain this swamp. We need to reinforce the Trump economic revolution by electing members of Congress that understand how small businesses actually work. Kevin Hern is the right man for the job.”

Stuart Jolly served as the National Field Director for Donald J. Trump for President for the first 7 months of the campaign responsible for national political strategy and hiring in all Primary & Caucus states. He personally ran NH, SC, and NC and won 22 state primaries and caucuses.

Jolly is also a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army. LTC Jolly is a Veteran of the Gulf War where he earned a Bronze Star and two Air Medals for his service in Iraq. He was the Oklahoma State Director for Americans for Prosperity (AFP) for over 6 years where it grew from just under 1,200 members to over 26,000 in 2012. AFP focuses on free‐market issues across the state and country and is the premier grassroots organization in the United States.

“I am honored to have received Stuart's endorsement in my race for Congress,” said Hern. “Stuart has been a strong advocate for conservative free-market principles. He understands that DC needs more small business owners in Congress who are willing to push back on burdensome regulations and policies that stifle our economy and prevent job creation.”

As the owner of KTAK Corporation, Kevin leads the operations that own ten McDonald’s restaurants that employ over 400 people in the Tulsa area. Kevin has served in various regional and national leadership positions within the McDonald’s Franchise System. Most recently, he served 5 years as the Chairman of the Systems Economic Team for over 3,000 franchisees that own all 15,000 restaurants across the entire country.


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