Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dick Heller (of DC v. Heller) endorses Coleman for Congress

Second Amendment “Hero” Endorses Coleman for Congress

TULSA:  The man at the center of a landmark Supreme Court decision that determined the Second Amendment protected the rights of Americans to own firearms today endorsed Andy Coleman for U.S. Congress.

Dick Heller who was at the center of the historic Second Amendment case, District of Columbia v. Heller, released the following endorsement of Captain Andy Coleman:

“As a leading advocate of Second Amendment rights, I know Andy Coleman will defend our constitutional freedoms in Congress. He won’t be swayed by political pressure or liberal special interests to water-down or weaken the right to keep and bear arms. I trust Andy Coleman and you should too.”  -  Dick Heller

“I am grateful to Mr. Heller for his support and confidence. In Congress, I will never back down from protecting the Constitutional rights that Mr. Heller so bravely sought to defend,” stated Captain Andy Coleman.

Captain Andy Coleman is seeking the Republican nomination for the open congressional seat in Oklahoma’s First District.  He is an Air Force Academy Graduate and former Intelligence officer who served in the Middle East.  He is the only candidate in the race with military and national security credentials along with experience working in the Muslim world – critical skill sets in short supply in Washington. For six years, Coleman worked as the Middle East Regional Director for the Voice of the Martyrs, a Christian ministry based in Bartlesville. Coleman spent up to 100 days a year in 17 countries swirling with groups like Hezbollah, ISIS, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda.

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  1. Thanks for background about Capt. Andy Coleman.


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