Sunday, September 25, 2016

Local family supports Police, Fire, EMS with unique gifts

Amid all the negative national attention on law enforcement, one Muskogee family decided to show their support for local emergency services in a unique manner.

Teaching their children to be comfortable approaching law enforcement officers, this week the Walls family started giving out the pictured "Survival Kits" of candy to various police, fire and EMS. They were gracious enough to answer some questions for this post.

1) What prompted you to do this?
"With everything bad going on with the police etc, I wanted to give our local police something positive."

2) What agencies have you provided the kits to?
"Muskogee Police Department, Muskogee Fire Department, and EMS."

3) How many kits have you handed out so far?
"We have handed out 15 so far, but will be doing more this week."

4) What do you hope people can learn from this?
"I hope people will become more comfortable with our officers and know they're here to help!"

5) How has the response been when you've given these out?
"I have got only great responses! Especially from the fire station #4, they really welcomed my kids! Even let them see the fire truck!"

What a great idea for productive and positive interaction for their children. It's good to see members of our community supporting those agencies that are there for us 24/7. Let's hope we see more of this rather than the negative, destructive behavior often in the news.


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