Tuesday, May 17, 2016

OCPA Impact airs ad against proposed Medicaid expansion and tax hikes

Amid talk that the Republican-led Oklahoma legislature may approve major tax increases and a Medicaid expansionOCPA Impact is out with a television ad against the proposals. Watch below:

From the McCarville Report:
Jonathan Small, president of the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs, explained the commercial to The McCarville Report: “Unfortunately we had to resort to that because as we speak, behind the scenes legislative leadership is trying to force the Republican caucuses to vote for about $1 billion in tax increases or structurally damaging one-time schemes….we are making sure to stay in touch with the non-leadership members of the House and non-leadership members of the Senate. There is growing sentiment, rightly so by non-term limited Republicans, that they are being set up again for having to support a really bad budget.”
Ad transcript:

Politicians in the state capitol have a spending problem. [images of David Boren, House Minority Leader Scott Inman, and Governor Mary Fallin flash on screen]
Instead of balancing the budget, they want to expand ObamaCare and increase government spending by billions.
Who's going to pay for it? You are. You, and working families across Oklahoma.
Call your state legislator today and tell them 'Enough is enough'.
No new taxes.


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