Monday, May 02, 2016

Map: voter affiliation changes in March

When I asked the state election board for information on Libertarian Party registration (see my post this morning), I also asked to if they tracked how many voters switched from one party to another. They were kind enough to send me that as well, so I put that data into the graphic below:

(click image to view larger)

This was interesting to see, so in the future I'll probably try to get data that covers an entire year.

Things to note:

  • Contrary to popular belief, far more Independents switched to Republican than Republicans switched to Independent
  • Relatively few Republicans switched parties (2,342 Republicans compared to 8,882 Democrats and 4,939 Independents)
  • Former Republicans comprise about 48.25% (314) of all registered Libertarians (651 total)
  • One voter made at least two registration changes during the last 8 days of March: something/unregistered to Libertarian to Republican. Talk about busy!
  • One voter switched from Americans Elect to the GOP (AE is a recognized "political organization" as opposed to a "political party"; why there's a distinction beats me. 12 Oklahomans are registered under Americans Elect, with 5 of them here in Muskogee County).


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