Monday, August 24, 2015

County Party Finances: raised and spent

The other day, I posted an update to my County Party Finances series, in which we looked at cash-on-hand totals for local party organizations. Today, we're looking at what those county parties have raised and spent in 2015.

The 25 "current" Republican counties have raised a grand total of $96,408.76. That's a $16,000 increase from 2013, although more counties now file with the Ethics Commission.

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The top five for the GOP are Tulsa ($32,608.99), Oklahoma ($19,444), Muskogee ($17,100), Stephens ($11,481.72), and Carter ($3,818). Eight counties raised nothing, while Washington County "raised" 35¢ in interest. Ten counties brought in more than $1,000. Tulsa, Oklahoma and Muskogee counties raised 72% of the grand total.

Now for the Democratic side. Their 23 "current" counties raised a grand total of $41,651.15, a significant drop from their $68,732 in 2013.

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The Democrats top five counties are Tulsa ($9,578.23), Cleveland ($9,186.22), Payne ($8,042), Creek ($5,229.58), and Comanche ($3,835.19). Oklahoma County was the only other one to raise more than $1,000 (they brought in $1,040). Five counties raised nothing, and Washington County took in only $4 (add the Washington County GOP's 35¢ and you've either got a stingy county or lackadaisical local parties). The top three counties raised 64.5% of the statewide total. Garvin County's figure is 1st Quarter only.

Now let's look at the spending side of things.

On the Republican side, the statewide total of spending was $51,971.50 (in 2013 it was about $56,500). 
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Top five counties: Stephens ($11,838.26), Tulsa ($9,665.29), Muskogee ($8,925.97), Oklahoma ($5,206.14), and Carter ($4,557.07). Nine counties spent nothing. The top three counties spent about 58.5% of the grand total.

On the Democratic side, their statewide total was $42,098.26 (in 2013 it was about $79,000)
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Top five counties: Tulsa ($11,662.66), Cleveland ($10,174.27), Payne ($8,532.27), Oklahoma ($5,435.06), and Comanche ($2,515.02). Seven counties spent nothing. Tulsa and Cleveland counties spend about 52% of the grand total.

On Wednesday, we'll look at the net change totals for 2015.


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