Wednesday, August 26, 2015

County Party Finances: net growth for 2015

Closing out this update to my County Party Finances series, today we're examining net changes for 2015.

Statewide, Republican county parties netted a gain of $44,437.26. Ten counties had positive gains ($47,836.98), six reported no money raised or spent, and nine show losses (-$3,399.72). In 2013, the GOP had a net gain of just over $24,000.

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Top five counties: Tulsa ($22,943.70), Oklahoma ($14,237.86), Muskogee ($8,174.03), Grady ($620.05), and Osage ($502.45).

Bottom five counties: Creek (-$220.37), Stephens (-$356.54), Wagoner (-$435.72), Carter (-$739.07), and Washington (-$1,273.52).

Together, Tulsa, Oklahoma and Muskogee counties have a net gain of $45,355.59 -- without that, the statewide total would be in the red about nine hundred dollars.

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Statewide, Democratic county parties showed a net loss of $447.11. Eleven counties had a gain ($8,158.92), four raised and spent nothing, and eight show losses (-$8,606.03). In 2013, the Democrats had a net loss of just over $10,000.

Top five counties: Creek ($4,482.24), Comanche ($1,320.17), Lincoln ($407.00), Pottawatomie ($353.50), and Muskogee ($338.06).

Bottom five counties: Canadian and Kingfisher (-$250), Payne (-$490.27), Cleveland (-$988.05), Tulsa (-$2,084.43), and Oklahoma (-$4,395.06).

Note: as mentioned previously, the figures for Garvin County on the Democratic side are for the 1st Quarter only - the Ethics Commission site shows them as being "past due".


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