Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Oklahoma Democrat Senate Primary Map

(click picture to view larger)

Just for fun, I threw together this map of the Democrat's primary, in which State Sen. Connie Johnson and perennial candidate Jim Rogers advanced to the runoff. The winner of that August 26th contest will be the Democratic nominee facing James Lankford in the general election.

Johnson received 71,462 votes to Rogers' 57,598 and Hayes' 33,943. Johnson's lead (13,864) came almost entirely from Oklahoma County (13,389 lead over Rogers).

The Oklahoma Democratic Party is in pretty sad shape when a sitting state senator can barely edge out a perennial candidate who does little-to-no campaigning.

Speaking of the ODP's "last best hope", the Oklahoman recently had a good article on Jim Rogers, which you can read here.


arlenearmy said...

and matters got much much worst. she actually challenged Jim to a debate. Jim said no. Jim must be doing something right b/c its not customary for topdog to chase down the underdog for a debate. to do so is diminished her to underdog status.