Friday, February 01, 2013

Coming Soon: 2016 GOP Primary Madness!

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It's the time of year when people across the fruited plains get out their pens and fill in their brackets. Who makes it to the Sweet 16? Who falls in the Elite 8? Who wins in the Final Four, and who takes the National Championship?

Two years ago, this blog hosted 2012 GOP Primary Madness (which accurately predicted the 2012 GOP nominee - Mitt Romney), and next month, we will continue that series by doing 2016 GOP Primary Madness.

Between now and then, I will be taking suggestions for the thirty two competing candidates. You can leave your recommendations in a comment on this post, or you may email them to


Anonymous said...

1. Paul Ryan
2. Marco Rubio
3. Chris Christie
4. Jeb Bush
5. Rand Paul
6. Jim Demint
7. Mike Huckabee
8. Sarah Palin
9. Rick Perry
10. Bobby Jindal
11. Susana Martinez
12. Rob Portman
13. Mitch Daniels
14. Bob McDonnell
15. Michele Bachmann
16. John Huntsman
17. Rick Santorum
18. Kelly Ayotte
19. Nikki Haley
20. Scott Walker
21. Tim Pawlenty
22. Condoleeza Rice
23. John Thune
24. Donald Trump
25. Mike Pence
26. John Kasich
27. Pat Toomey
28. Tom Coburn
29. Sam Brownback
30. Brian Sandoval
31. Susan Collins
32. Tim Scott