Thursday, February 28, 2013

Coming Friday: 2016 GOP Primary Madness begins!

It's now the time of year when people across the fruited plains get out their pens and fill in their brackets. Who makes it to the Sweet 16? Who falls in the Elite 8? Who wins in the Final Four, and who takes the National Championship?

Two years ago, this blog held a 2012 GOP Primary Madness bracket, with thirty-two potential Republican presidential candidates facing off for the nomination. Ten of the thirty-two did end up running for President, and voters in our polls successfully predicted the 2012 nominee -- Mitt Romney was the victor in the 'championship' round.

Starting tomorrow, readers will once again start voting on the winner of 2016 GOP Primary Madness. Each round will last about six days.

Will the winner of this bracket become the actual 2016 GOP nominee? Only time will tell...