Friday, February 24, 2012

Richard Engle, Steve Fair announce for OKGOP National Committeeman

With the Oklahoma Republican Party State Convention coming up on May 12th, candidates are beginning to line up for the Republican National Committee offices that are up for election this year.

National Committeewoman Carolyn McLarty has announced that she will be seeking reelection to a second four-year term. So far, she has not drawn opposition. National Committeeman James Dunn has opted to not run for a second term. Two individuals have launched their candidacies for Dunn's seat.

Richard Engle was the first candidate to announce his intentions, and is waging an aggressive campaign. He is emphasizing his fundraising ties (Engle claims raising $725,000 for Republican candidates in the past 10 years, through various groups he has been chair or vice-chair of). Richard is the vice-chair of OCPAC, and is affiliated with the Ron Paul wing of the GOP. Engle has a YouTube channel with more information about his candidacy and platform.

Steve Fair launched his campaign this week. A well known and liked figure in conservative activist circles, Steve has extensive experience volunteering in the party; he was county chairman for almost 20 years, district chairman for 10 years, has served on the state executive committee, budget committee, and as state GOP treasurer. Where Engle's emphasis appears to be on electing Republican candidates at local levels, Steve's expertise is on party-building at the local, grassroots level. Steve has a blog (which I highly recommend), and recently posted more information about his candidacy.

The 2008 race between James Dunn and Steve Curry came down to a difference of a mere handful of votes. This one has the potential to be close as well, although I give the edge to Fair.


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