Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Election Today!

Today is election day for school boards, many municipalities, and several state legislative special elections. This will be the first election with Oklahoma's new voting machines and Voter ID law, so be sure to bring your Voter ID card or some other form of government-issued identification (such as a driver's license).

Muskogee voters will be decided on a new mayor, four city councilors, and three city propositions.

  • Mayor: Bob Coburn and David Ragsdale
  • Ward I (open): Keith Coleman, Gary Cooper, Lee Ann Langston, John Lowrimore
  • Ward II: Michelle Green, Dan Hall, Shawn Raper (incumbent)
  • Ward III (open): D. Boots, Christopher Fulton, Derrick Reed, William Strand
  • Ward IV (open): Wayne Johnson, Ron Venters
  • Proposition 1: Would revise municipal election dates to comply with state election laws. If approved, the three-day municipal filing period would begin the second Monday in November in odd-numbered years. General elections would take place the second Tuesday in January in even-numbered years. Runoff elections would be scheduled for the first Tuesday of the following March.
  • Proposition 2: Would amend city charter by requiring that City Council ward representatives be elected by voters who live within a candidate’s respective voting district (as opposed to city-wide voting).
  • Proposition 3: Would establish the second Tuesday in March in even-numbered years as the date when elected mayor or city councilors assume office.

The unions in Muskogee have gotten pretty involved this time around; I believe they are supporting Ragsdale, Langston, Hall, Reed, and Venters. Personally, I will be voting for Coburn, Cooper, Green (Raper a close second, though; wish they weren't running against each other), and yes on all three propositions. I'm still unsure about Ward III and IV, probably Boots or Fulton, and Johnson.

Poll close at 7pm, so don't forget to vote! Watch for election results at the State Election Board website.


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