Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Muskogee Politico Roundup

Absurd: Some in the media and blogosphere have attacked Gov. Mary Fallin for allegedly plagiarizing a KOSU story about Pearl Harbor survivor Ed Vezey in her inaugural address. First of all, if that was plagiarizing (which it wasn't), that was an awfully poor job. Second, Ed Vezey has told his story to countless people, and I'd assume that it's pretty much the same every time. Same people, same places, same history, same storyteller. Third, I shot video this past summer at the unveiling of the mast from the U.S.S. Oklahoma here at Muskogee's War Memorial Park, where both Vezey and then-Congresswoman Fallin spoke. They both mentioned a ceremony at Pearl Harbor where they both attended, spoke, and talked with other U.S.S. Oklahoma veterans. Fallin most likely heard Vezey's story there in Hawaii, as I'm sure she did again at Muskogee. Most of the same people are also attacking Fallin for flubbing up her swearing-in oath. Again, ridiculous.

Porker: The taxpayer watchdog group Citizens Against Government Waste has nominated Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe (R-Tulsa) as a finalist for their 2010 Porker of the Year contest, for his very public and adamant defense of earmarking. Congratulations, Senator, on joining a prestigious club. Good luck in the voting...

Unbelievable: Far-left Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) is suing the U.S. House cafeteria for biting into an olive pit in his sandwich - in 2008. The twice-failed presidential candidate is suing for $150,00, and believes he "is entitled to damages for future dental and medical expenses and to compensate him for pain, suffering, and loss of enjoyment." I'm at a loss for words......

Confession: I did not watch the President's State of the Union address, nor did I see anything but snippets of Paul Ryan or Michele Bachmann's response. And frankly, I don't really see what the uproar over the "mixed" seating was about. Everyone knows that the party in power applauds every other line of a State of the Union speech, and members of the party not in the White House sit on their hands. Sitting next to Chuck Schumer for one hour-long speech does not make you a Schumer clone, or affect how you vote the next day.

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  1. I am glad to see I am not the only one who saw the uproar over the mixed seating as silly. I saw several comments about this on different blogs, as well as blog posts, most of them saying people like Tom Coburn were (insert adjective here) etc. Some even went so far as to question his conservatism. Obviously, they do not know the man at all.


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