Tuesday, January 04, 2011

McLarty Endorses Wagner for RNC Chair

RNC Chair candidate Ann Wagner (a former Missouri GOP chair, US Ambassador, and RNC Co-Chair) picked up an endorsement by the Oklahoma GOP's third RNC vote - National Committeewoman Carolyn McLarty on Sunday. OKGOP Chairman Matt Pinnell and National Committeeman James Dunn, the other two votes Oklahoma has, both endorsed Reince Priebus last week.

McLarty issued the following letter to RNC members, announcing her intent to support Wagner.

After thoughtful consideration, I have decided to commit my support to Ann Wagner for RNC Chairman. I believe she is the most completely qualified and capable candidate running.

Ann holds her conservative values dearly. She is right-on on the issues. She knows the dangers of letting our freedoms slip away to big government control. She observed this directly during her ambassador service in Europe. As a result, she has a deep-seated concern about the direction our country is going.

Ann has firsthand experience on the RNC as a member and as Co-Chair. She has the political and managerial experience of running the State Party and a statewide campaign in the powerful swing state of Missouri.

Ann Wagner has the diplomatic skills to be a persuasive spokesperson and professional representative for the Republican Party to the press, to the major donors, to the legislative leadership, and to the public.

Ann is a person that can be trusted to use our dollars wisely and efficiently. She can inspire the confidence of major donors and of Mom and Pop donors around the country.

The election of Ann Wagner as RNC Chairman will clearly demonstrate the RNC’s determination to recover from controversy, to unify, and to set a steady, forward course to Victory in 2012.
According to National Review's Hotline On Call blog, the race currently stands as follows: Reince Priebus is first (30 votes), Michael Steele in second (15 votes), Ann Wagner in third (12 votes), Saul Anuzis in fourth (10 votes), Maria Cino in fifth (6 votes). Over half of all RNC voting members are still uncommitted, so this could go to any of the current candidates.

You can visit Wagner's website here, and watch her announcement video below.


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