Wednesday, December 08, 2010

OKGOP Launches "Operation RedZone"

OKGOP Launches Voter Registration Program- Operation RedZone

(OKLAHOMA CITY) Oklahoma may be the 'reddest state in the nation' but voter registration figures still lean heavily towards Democrats - something the Oklahoma Republican Party hopes to change with today's launch of Operation RedZone.

"The OKGOP has a committee for just about everything other than one of its most fundamental responsibilities- voter registration. We're fixing that today," said State Republican Party Chairman Matt Pinnell.

Democrats outnumber Republicans by over 150,000 registered voters (see chart here). But that lead is shrinking rapidly: since January 1st, Republicans have had a net increase of over 30,000 voters. Democrats, less than 1,000.

"The next two years are arguably the best opportunity Oklahoma Republicans have ever had to make major strides in closing the voter registration gap," said Pinnell. "It's not that Oklahomans are any more conservative than in the past, but instead voters are now more likely to see their own views aligning with the Republican Party - and not their granddaddy's Democrat Party."

4th District Congressman and former OKGOP Chairman, Tom Cole, commended the announcement: "I'm pleased the OKGOP is making voter registration a priority. I agree with Chairman Pinnell that one of the Party's fundamental responsibilities is registering Republicans, and in this political environment, it is an ideal time to focus on this effort."

The Committee will include grassroots representatives from each congressional district, including the State Republican Party's District Chairmen. The committee will meet on a regular basis to coordinate voter registration efforts and activities. For more information, please contact the Oklahoma Republican Party. 

To contact the Oklahoma Republican Party, call  405-528-3501 or email


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