Monday, June 1, 2009

Sen. Tom Coburn Announces for Re-election: Video

I finally was able to find some video of Sen. Tom Coburn's announcement for reelection from this morning. This comes from KOTV:

If I can find a clip of the question-and-answer time, I'll put it up.

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Butchey Weinstein said...

Coburn proves yet again that he's as much of a totalitarian as Obamalamalamalama...

Anyone seen this? Senator Dumb Toeburn is attemting to ban tobacco. I'm an ex-smoker myself, (12 years and counting), but this is just one more example of Toeburn taking government somewhere it has no business going. Yet, probably 70 percent or so of Oklahoma Republicans will applaud the measure, and demonstrate their ignorance of the meaning of "conservative" by stating that if Toeburn does it, it must be good. We need to all sound off to the "good" doctor, as well as everyone else we talk to. He needs to be out, and there's not much chance of us doing any worse than Toeburn, regardless of who gets his spot.