Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Thursday: Tulsa 9.12 Project speaker on how Dark Money is making it hard to elect conservatives in OK

From the Tulsa 9.12 Project:

The Corruption Belt: How Dark Money Is Making It Hard for Oklahomans to Elect Conservatives

Were you inundated with political campaign mailers leading up to the June and August primary elections? Did the plethora of push cards explode in your mailbox prior to the primary runoffs? Have you noticed trends and similarities in literature coming from supposedly different campaign organizations?

If you answered YES to any or ALL of these questions, then you need to be at Tulsa 9.12 Project on Thursday, September 8th when Jenni White will unveil and explain just how deep the corruption goes and how dark the money is that funds it. Like a detective following the clues with Scooby Doo, Jenni will reveal who is behind these dastardly and malicious campaign attacks.

An avid researcher, Jenni White has been investigating the dark money behind many of the recent negative “attack” campaigns in the Oklahoma Republican primary elections. In a series of online articles entitled: The Corruption Belt (posted on the website www.ROPE2.org), Jenni has been connecting the dots between so called “independent” PACs (political action committees) and is discovering how intertwined these organizations are. Her research helps explain who the players are behind the scenes, who sits on the boards of these organizations, where the money is coming from and going to, which candidates are being targeted and attacked, and much more. You won’t want to miss this meeting!  

Thursday, September 8
6:30 PM
Spirit Life Church
55th and Peoria


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