Thursday, June 17, 2021

Gov. Stitt closes out 2021 legislative session action with 2 "pocket" vetoes

Governor Kevin Stitt took no action on the two remaining legislative bills on his desk, effecting a "pocket veto" on SB 236 and HB 1010. With this, the chapter finally closes on the 2021 Regular Session. Once census data is finalized, it is expected (and announced, I believe) that Governor Stitt will call a special session in the fall to deal solely with congressional district redistricting (all the rest of redistricting has already been dealt with).

In review, Governor Stitt's office showed the following statistics on measures that we sent to his desk for action:

House Bills - 2021 # of Bills 
  • Received: 300 
  • Signed: 289 
  • Vetoed: 9 
  • HJR Signed: 1 
  • Line Item Veto Law w/o Signature: 1 
Senate Bills # of Bills 
  • Received: 301 
  • Signed: 294 
  • Vetoed: 5 
  • Law w/o Signature: 1 
  • SJR Signed: 1


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