Thursday, August 22, 2019

OKC Mayor Holt signs petition to repeal Constitutional Carry

OKC Mayor David Holt has signed on to the initiative petition that aims to repeal Oklahoma's pending permitless carry (aka Constitutional Carry) legislation that is set to go into effect in November.

"Many OKC residents have deep concerns about permitless carry, set to take effect 11/1," Holt said in a tweet yesterday. "Regardless of your stance, a vote settles the debate. A petition is being circulated to provide that option & I just added my name. If you want to sign it as well, Tweet @cackiness."

Oklahoma City has trended leftward politically in recent years, and leftist anti-gun activists had been calling on the moderate liberal Republican mayor to sign their petition. Moderately conservative when first elected to the State Senate, various conservative rating groups like the Oklahoma Constitution and the American Conservative Union tracked Holt trending to the center the longer he was in the Senate, and has continued trending to the left during his tenure as mayor.

Holt seems to be employing a policy of ambiguity on the topic, avoiding outright stating his position in favor or opposition to the petition's goal but signing it nonetheless, lending (at the least) tacit support for it. Much like King Saul in I Samuel 15, Holt can try the excuse that he signed the petition because "the people" asked him to.

It's similar to the "coward's strategy" oftentimes used in the legislature, where major policies are passed as state questions in order to "pass the buck" for the result to the state's voters, instead of taking the legislative responsibility on themselves. "I didn't vote for it [if it ends up being unpopular] or against it [if it ends up being popular], I just wanted 'the people' to have a say" goes the line.

Holt was first elected mayor in 2018, and won't be up for reelection until 2022.