Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Holt hits $250k mark in OKC mayoral campaign

Holt OKC Mayor Campaign Tops Quarter-Million Dollar Mark

July 31, 2017 -- The campaign to elect David Holt the next Mayor of Oklahoma City announced that as of July 31st it has raised over a quarter-million dollars ($261,961).   The campaign has only spent less than eight percent of that sum.   The donations have come from 308 donors and 50 zip codes in the Oklahoma City metro.

The $261,961 amount includes all donations received as of today.   The quarterly fundraising report filed by Holt’s campaign today with the Oklahoma City Clerk’s office only includes donations through June 30th.   The report filed today includes donations from dozens of longtime Oklahoma City champions, but most notably Ron Norick, legendary Oklahoma City Mayor and “father of MAPS”.

Continuing the momentum of Holt’s campaign, today’s fundraising announcement almost doubles the amount previously revealed in April, at which time Holt had a 4-to-1 fundraising advantage over the only other candidate.   Holt’s campaign has yet to hold an official fundraising event, but announcement of a kickoff event is expected soon.

The election to decide Oklahoma City’s next Mayor will be held February 13, 2018.   For more information about the campaign to elect David Holt the next Mayor of Oklahoma City, visit HoltForMayor.com.


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