Thursday, March 09, 2017

Kevin Hern Announces Run for Oklahoma’s 1st Congressional Seat

Kevin Hern Announces Run for Oklahoma’s 1st Congressional Seat

Tulsa, OK – Tulsa business owner Kevin Hern announced today that he is running in the 2018 1st Congressional District election.

“For far too long, special interests have controlled Washington, D.C. with bad policy instead of putting the American people first. As a life-long business owner, I know first-hand that the federal government is destroying job creation, small business start-ups, and economic freedom. In order to solve the problems, we need a business-minded and principled person who has the proven ability and know how to take the power back from the federal government and return it to the people.”

“My life has been a prime example of how anyone can achieve the American dream. I grew up very poor; there was no indoor plumbing until I was in my teens. In addition to food stamps, I supported my family through hauling hay and construction jobs. McDonald’s offered me the opportunity. Through hard-work and determination, I went from making Egg McMuffins to owning and operating eighteen McDonald’s in Eastern Oklahoma and employing thousands of people. I have served in various regional, divisional, and national leadership positions within McDonald’s.”

“For the first time in recorded history, America has more small businesses failing than are being started, the highest unemployment numbers since 1978, a national debt crisis, and the worse financial recovery in 65 years. The biggest obstacle to economic advancement is the Federal Government.”

“I am the right person with the right experience at the right time to help jump-start economic recovery for our state and the nation.
While in Congress, I will focus on securing our border, repealing job-killing regulations and tax policies, and returning control back into the hand of the people, like their healthcare, for example, by repealing Obamacare.”

“The American Dream only works if there is a climate for economic opportunity so that Americans willing to work hard can succeed. It is a new day in America, and I am excited to be part of getting Oklahomans working again, starting small businesses, and being a state that leads the nation in productivity and success.”

As the owner of KTAK Corporation, Mr. Hern identifies companies that need strategic growth leadership and provide avenues for capital participation. Mr. Hern currently owns and operates 10 McDonald’s restaurants that employ over 450 people in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area. Mr. Hern has worked in the McDonald’s system since 1987 and became a franchisee in 1997. For the past 5 years, Kevin Hern has served as the Chairman of the Systems Economic Team for over 3,000 U.S. franchisees.

For more information please go to or watch the video on YouTube.


  1. He sounds good, replacing one non-politician with another.

  2. The way that we return the federal government and the power of representation to the people this to cut off the money to limit how much a candidate can raise spend and how much an individual can give one man one vote one contribution.

    3 times a salary of office will limit immeasurable powers be used by the people, not what the views of a personal nature seem to guide each vote..not the constituency. I will focus only on four or five small print issues because like the devil who loves to be in the details I will be there also because life and death are in the detail that it would seem here in Oklahoma and around the world. I will not vote I will not endorse I will not approve I will not disapprove of anything unless it is a majority of the people who requested of me.

    I will use every technology and means of transparency to stay in constant contact with the prevailing majority of the people I represent and whatever it is that they asked of me to do that is what I will do regardless of whether I agree with it disagree with it find it good bad ugly or indifferent because that's what being a representative means and I will bring back every last Federal dollar I can to
    Oklahoma while the government not only does not get smaller but exist to grow larger and stronger that is the nature of how it was set up to be and that is the way it is and I will not limit myself to term limits if my leadership be honest and of good wisdom centering and limiting that ability of leadership is well downright crazy while millions are lavished on armaments everywhere he is the more acceptable choice will not with me the hot checkbook indeed stops here

    No longer are we to stand behind pro-life pro-abortion Pro whatever and ensure that separation of church and state means that the charitable portion of the church be returned to them with all the responsibilities strategic operations funding that that entails we're going to detach from being the hands and heart of the church and the dust decide instead to be the state representative government of the people for domestic and international Affairs as they arise.

    In 2018 I'm taking The Oklahoma Standard to Washington because if we show people the light they can find their own path we live in a society that isolates every single person and coming from a gold star military family I can tell you what it means to be alone what it likely felt like for my uncle who was killed in action and body never recovered in Vietnam to be all alone across the sea while his mother and many other Gold Star Mothers are hustled back and forth being told no over and over by our Republican Democrat pro-military officials.

    The Potomac Powers keep bagging up the wounds and hurts of these mothers and throwing them out the window along with their 10 year plus desire to have their gold star mother Monument placed within Arlington National Cemetery.

    I'm bringing a direct First Strike of the Oklahoma Standard to the status quo. I am The Oklahoma Standard..and so are you.


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