Friday, January 27, 2017

The Desolation of Obama: 2009 voter registration vs 2017

In this edition of the Voter Registration Maps series, we'll compare several different maps comparing voter registration around the inaugurations of Barack Obama (January 2009) and Donald Trump (January 2017). The desolation wrought in Oklahoma on the Democrat Party is tremendous.

First up, the registration leads by county:

Democrats went from leading in 54 counties when Obama took office, to leading in 40 counties when Trump took office. Where in 2009 Democrats had 13 counties with leads greater than 60% (Pushmataha was the largest at a 74.62% lead - 84.51% D to 9.89% R), now they have none over 60%.

Second up, the percentage swings:
Every county moved toward the GOP by at least 5%, with the smallest gains coming in the metros and college counties. 57 counties had at least a 20% swing to the Republicans, with Cotton (+47.51%) and Tillman (+40.52%) in southwest Oklahoma posting the most massive change.

Lastly, the majority and plurality party by county:

Currently, Republicans are the majority party in 26 counties (13 in 2009), and plurality party in 11 counties (10 in 2009). Democrats are majority in 33 counties (49 in 2009), and plurality in 7 counties (5 in 2009).