Tuesday, December 20, 2016

RINO Alert: HD70 Rep. Carol Bush shows true colors

Republican Ken Walker was one of only three incumbent legislators to lose their reelection bids (all Republicans, all defeated in their primaries). Walker lost the House District 70 GOP primary to challenger Carol Bush by just over 3% of the vote.

Walker ranked high in both his conservative rating average (9th in the House) and his Conservative Performance Index score (14th in the House). 

It appears that he's been replaced by a true 'RINO' (Republican In Name Only). In an interview with TheTulsaVoice.com, new HD70 State Rep. Bush reveals her true colors.

In the interview, she takes positions supporting numerous liberal positions. Here's a sampling:

ObamaCare: "Wrong execution of the right idea. I do believe we have to take care of the healthcare of everybody."
Tax Hikes 1: "We’ve taken too much money out of the budget in the last 12 years."
Tax Hikes 2: "I was all for that cigarette tax. It should go back on the table." 
Tax Hikes 3: [question from interviewer: "So, where do we make up the revenue? Higher taxes on horizontal drillers?"] Bush: "Yeah. What about a luxury tax?"
Gay "Rights": "Of course. You can’t legislate morality."
Abortion: appears to be pro-abortion, and wants schools to be able to give birth control to students

Bush also appears to lean toward allowing assisted-suicide laws, and found Rep. John Bennett's talk at a recent caucus meeting to be "prayer revival, Bible thumping" and "offensive", further saying "We need to muffle his megaphone."

Bush says she was recruited to run by extreme liberal Democrat ex-Rep. Jeannie McDaniel . McDaniel had the 7th most liberal rating in the House, and 5th worst CPI score.

It looks like she will be a "fitting" replacement for ex-Rep. Doug Cox, who had the 2nd-worst CPI score among Republican House members and the worst conservative average.

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  1. She was the lone Republican to be supported by a feminist group called Sally's List that recruits women to run for the legislature.

    Source - Column: Sally's List works to elect women to Legislature
    by Janelle Stecklein CNHI State Reporter September 27, 2016


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