Friday, August 19, 2016

Charlie Meadows' runoff election picks

"Charlie's Picks" for the August 23rd runoff

The following picks represent the opinions of the OCPAC leadership team.  We have noted which candidates were specifically endorsed and funded by OCPAC based on their conservative principles and policies.

Oklahoma Senate

District 13 (Garvin, Pottawatomie, Seminole) – JET MCCOY has name recognition from his rodeo adventures and would be favored to win.  OCPAC did not interview or endorse, but Greg McCortney is one of the public educrat candidates.

District 19 (Alfalfa, Garfield, Kay) – DR. ROSS VANHOOSER – Charlie met with Dr. Vanhooser and believes he would provide a conservative counterbalance to the liberal Dr. Yen in the Senate.

District 23 (Canadian, Kingfisher) – MATT STACY – OCPAC did not endorse either of the candidates, but Matt is for education choice.  His opponent, backed by educrats and every current, past, and future office-holder in the district, looks like and smells like a good-ol’ boy.  Matt is the candidate talking about principles, freedom, and smaller government.

District 25 (Tulsa) – JOE NEWHOUSE – OCPAC endorsed Joe, and his opponent is a recently registered Republican who is pro-abortion.

District 31 (Comanche, Cotton, Stephens) – YOUR CHOICE – Both candidates are running on platforms to protect the monopoly of public education.

District 39 (Tulsa) – AMANDA TEEGARDEN – OCPAC endorsed Amanda, one of the most conservative, principled candidates we have ever met.

District 41 (Oklahoma) - PAUL BLAIR – OCPAC endorsed Paul.  He will fight to protect life, liberty, and property.  He will be a true leader and game-changer in the Senate.  He was also endorsed by Dr. Tom Coburn.

Oklahoma House of Representatives

District 8 (Mayes, Rogers, Wagoner) – YOUR CHOICE – OCPAC did not interview or endorse in this race.  Both candidates are established businessmen who do not need the job.  Their websites sound good on the issues and do not raise any red flags.

District 60 (Caddo, Canadian) – YOUR CHOICE – OCPAC interviewed both of these candidates and found them solid on most issues.  Chad Slane was polished and well spoken, and Rhonda Baker was recruited by Rep. Dan Fisher; therefore, we did not endorse in the race.  However, we discovered one difference between the two:  Rhonda Baker supports Education Savings Accounts, while Chad was opposed to funding school choice.

District 67 (Tulsa) – SCOTT MCEACHIN – OCPAC and Tom Coburn have endorsed Scott.  It is worth noting that Scott is an intelligent and ardent supporter of states’ rights.

District 85 (Oklahoma) – MATT JACKSON – Matt is a life-long Republican activist and conservative.

County Offices.  We do not usually involve ourselves in local elections, but these particular races are noteworthy:

Cleveland County Court Clerk – MIKE REYNOLDS

Logan County Sheriff – JIM BAUMAN – Jim is a constitutional sheriff in the likeness of Sheriff Richard Mack.  He has attended multiple continuing education conferences with Mack.  Bauman is an ardent supporter of the right to defend one’s self with arms.  In fact, we have heard that Bauman’s opponent once tried to ban guns at a public concert where the law allowed citizens to carry, and Sheriff Bauman had to intervene against the out-of-line police chief who now wants his job.

Oklahoma County Court Clerk – RICK WARREN – Rick is the sitting clerk and has done a fine job.  He is an independent businessman who is not after a political career; he is a true public servant.

Oklahoma County Clerk – DAVID B. HOOTEN – The sitting clerk, Caudill, is essentially a Democrat and has been caught lying about endorsements.  It is time for a change in Oklahoma County.

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  1. Not to defend Caudill, but she's been a registered Republican for far longer than Hooten has. In 2004 he filed for State House as a Democrat but was removed from the ballot because he wasn't a registered voter. His registration had lapsed because he hadn't voted in over two years.


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