Monday, July 27, 2015

She's here!

Holding her a few hours after birth (hence the zombie look)

We officially welcomed our first child into the world on Friday evening -- say hello to Carmen Elise Faught!

I'm "hooked"!

Mother and baby are both doing great. It was a bit of an ordeal - Kristen was in labor for over 48 hours and ended up with an ambulance ride and emergency c-section, but 'all's well that ends well'! Thanks to Samaritan Ministries, our extra healthcare expenses (of which I'm sure there will be plenty!) will be handled by fellow members from across the country.

Anyway, I'm pretty sure she's the cutest baby ever... just saying... ;-)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! She is a cutie.

Becky said...

Well, as her Grandma, I concur with your finding...cutest baby ever! ;-)