Tuesday, December 02, 2014

State Supreme Court shoots down tax cut lawsuit

From the Tulsa World:

Oklahoma State Supreme Court upholds tax cut

OKLAHOMA CITY — The Oklahoma Supreme Court on Tuesday ruled that an income tax cut passed by lawmakers last session does not violate the state Constitution.

Oklahoma City attorney Jerry Fent had filed a legal challenge to Senate Bill 1246.

The state’s high court ruled that the measure did not violate State Question 640.
The constitutional amendment, passed by voters in 1992, requires that tax increases receive three-fourths support in both the House and the Senate, or go to a vote of the people. The measure did neither.

Fent argued that provisions of SQ 640 also applied to tax cuts.

The state’s high court disagreed, saying such application “would defeat the evident object and purpose of the 1992 amendment.”

This is really good news. As OCPA and others had been pointing out, the consequences of rolling back 20+ years of tax cuts would have been disastrous. That's a big bullet dodged from our oftentimes frustrating State Supreme Court.


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