Tuesday, September 24, 2013

County Party Finances: Net Growth for 2013

In a (delayed) continuation of my County Party Finances series, let's take a look at the net growth through mid-year 2013.


Republican county parties statewide netted a total of $24,336.22 through June 30th. 10 counties made financial gains (combining for +$34,447.30), and 7 counties posted net losses (combining for -$10,111.08), with Oklahoma County dropping over $7,500 after what appears to have been a rather expensive Lincoln-Reagan Dinner with guest speaker Kansas Governor Sam Brownback.


Only three Democrat county parties showed positive gains in their financial reports. Osage County raised and spent nothing, leaving 13 counties that reported net losses. The combined total for the Democrats statewide is -$10,290.39. 11 counties dropped less than $700, but Payne County and Tulsa County showed net losses of -$5,167.69 and -$6,486.49, respectively. Tulsa County's activities correspond to the mayoral race underway in the city of Tulsa.