Friday, October 12, 2012

OKGOP Launches "Jailbreak Wallace" Website

OKGOP Launches "Jailbreak Wallace" Website

(Oklahoma City) - The Oklahoma Republican Party today announced the launch of a new website - - to highlight Rob Wallace’s record of offering plea bargains to criminals who later went on to commit further crimes, some including violent crime and even murder.

At a recent forum in which both Second District candidates attended, Wallace continued to lob disingenuous attacks, while Republican Markwayne Mullin continued to tell voters of the 2nd District about his plans to end wasteful government spending and get our economy back on track.

“Rob Wallace is at it again - lobbing attacks against Markwayne Mullin’s successful business to hide from major flaws in his own record,” said OKGOP Chairman Matt Pinnell. “It speaks volumes that Mr. Wallace continues to throw mud instead of explaining to voters how exactly sending someone to Congress to caucus with Nancy Pelosi and continue the failed policies of Barack Obama will help turn our country around.”

Throughout the campaign, Wallace has highlighted his experience as a prosecutor as a reason voters should support his candidacy. However, when Wallace was under consideration to become the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Oklahoma in 2009, the White House abruptly and unexpectedly ceased their vetting of Wallace. Wallace previously denied that it had anything to do with the acrimonious lawsuits that surrounded a failed mining company in which Wallace had a 39% ownership stake.

“Rob Wallace has yet to give a substantive explanation of why he was abruptly dropped as a candidate for US Attorney,” said Pinnell. “Was it because of this remarkable record of offering plea bargains to criminals who went on to commit even more crime? Mr. Wallace’s job as a prosecutor was to punish criminals and help take them off the streets. Much like his repeated business failings, it would appear Mr. Wallace’s record as a prosecutor is one of failure.”

The Oklahoma Republican Party encourages voters to visit to view the records of several criminals Rob Wallace offered plea bargains to, who later went on to commit more crime.

“I’m sure after viewing the criminal backgrounds of these individuals, many voters will wonder just why exactly Rob Wallace let them off easy,” concluded Pinnell.


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