Sunday, August 26, 2012

GPS tag catches Pat Key volunteer stealing Dean Martin signs

Up in Tulsa County, Republican County Clerk candidates Pat Key and Dean Martin are in a rather rough-and-tumble runoff election. Martin's campaign has for weeks complained about his signs being stolen across the county - a typical campaign season issue.

However, one clever Martin supporter decided to do something about the stolen signs. Jared, the Martin volunteer, purchased a dog tracker GPS tag, and taped it on the inside of a Dean Martin yard sign, and placed it on a piece of private property that had been a hot spot for missing Martin signs.

Early this morning, he received an email stating that his "dog" had escaped. Due to his ingenuity, he was able to track down the culprit - Lee Belmonte, a Pat Key volunteer. Belmonte was captured on film stealing Dean Martin signs, upon which the Bixby police department was called, and Belmonte was arrested.

I must say, using GPS to catch a sign-stealer is impressive. Kudos to Jared!

1 comment:

  1. This is crazy. Lees' wife is a paid employee by Pat Key!


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