Sunday, November 06, 2011

M5.6 earthquake shakes Oklahoma; largest in state history

Last night at 10:53pm, a magnitude 5.6 earthquake struck Oklahoma, centered in Lincoln County. The quake was felt across the entire region, including neighboring states and as far away as the Great Lakes. The previous state record for an earthquake was a magnitude 5.5 in 1952, centered near El Reno.

The shaking lasted over a minute where I was; I was actually on the phone with someone in Oklahoma City who felt the quake right before it reached me.

Did you feel it?

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  1. My daughter in NW Oklahoma City called to tell me she felt it and it was strong enough she thought the mirror and pictures were going to fall off the walls.

    It is the first time her family had felt one of the quakes and they have lived there 22 years.

    Bobbie McAuliffe


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