Friday, May 27, 2011

Supreme Court ruling should help HB1804's case

Earlier this week, the United States Supreme Court ruled portions of Arizona's controversial immigration law relating to employer sanctions as constitutional.

These sections were similar to those found in Oklahoma's House Bill 1804, which was passed by the state legislature in 2007, but has been locked up in court ever since, mainly over provisions that punished employers for hiring illegals, and set up safeguards to prevent the hiring of illegal immigrants.

I would expect that, given the Supreme Court's ruling on the similar Arizona legislation, HB1804 might finally get out of the legal logjam it has been in for years.


Anonymous said...

And I would hope so. The problem now will be enforcement.

Does anyone except me feel it is hypocritical of the business community to applaud tort and workers comp reform, but fight against the hiring of illegals laws?

I am watching for an opinion from Scott Pruitt on this.

Bobbie McAuliffe