Friday, March 16, 2012

An Explanation

Some of you might have noticed a lag in posting here on, particularly in the past week. I usually keep pretty busy, between church and political activities, and cleaning carpets full time.

Speaking of... if you need your carpets cleaned, give me a call (918-686-0222) and I'll get you taken care of during this "spring cleaning" season. Clean Pro services a wide swath of eastern Oklahoma, from the Tulsa metro to south of Lake Eufaula (with the occasional foray into the OKC metro). 
But I digress...

Those above reasons do keep me occupied, but that is not the main cause for the recent pause in posting.

This is:

On Monday, I got engaged to Kristen, the most wonderful girl I will ever know! I truly am blessed.

Thus begins a new chapter of life - I expect the coming year to be rather eventful!


David Dykstra said...

Congrats Jamison! Very exciting.

LD Jackson said...

Okay, you're excused. Congratulations and when is the big event?

Jamison Faught said...

Thanks, guys! As for a date, we haven't settled on one yet.